Buzzing with Bryson

Wrapping Season 1 with Bryson's President

January 14, 2022 Tracy Makris Season 1 Episode 10
Buzzing with Bryson
Wrapping Season 1 with Bryson's President
Show Notes

We celebrate completing our first season of the Podcast with Bryson's President, Tracy Makris!

Tracy and Steve discuss topics including:

  • Tracy's history in the insurance industry and her family lineage in insurance as well;
  • Her passion for the field and how it makes for a fulfilling career;
  • What makes Bryson unique (our people);
  • Insight into creating a healthy hybrid model;
  • Creating a culture of care and listening to team members;
  • What the future of the client-broker relationship;
  • Insight into our community commitment;
  • Why we love our podcast host!

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Until next time, have a great and safe day.