Buzzing with Bryson

IntelliDrive® with Travelers Canada

November 18, 2021 Andrew Lloyd Season 1 Episode 7
Buzzing with Bryson
IntelliDrive® with Travelers Canada
Show Notes

What would you do to save 30% on your car insurance premium? Today on Buzzing with Bryson, we discuss telematics and usage-based insurance with Andrew Lloyd from Travelers Canada.

Andrew and Steve discuss Travelers Canada’s product helping safe drivers save on their insurance called IntelliDrive®. 

Programs like IntelliDrive represent a shift in how insurance is administered and how premiums are calculated. Telematics has the potential to reduce your premium costs while also creating safer roads creating a win-win outcome. 

Today we discuss:

  • How does IntelliDrive work for car insurance?
  • What does the app track, and how does it do it?
  • What sort of information does it keep its eye on?
  • How does the data captured turn it into a rating for a driver?
  • If I am a safe driver, how much can I expect to save on my car insurance premium?
  • We know distracted driving is a leading cause of accidents; how does Intellidrive hope to change this driving behaviour?
  • How long does the app rate a safe driver before they see a reduction in premium?
  • The type of insurance purchaser who would get the most value from this type of solution?

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