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Car and home insurance - what are you covered for?

November 09, 2021 James Turner Season 1 Episode 8
Buzzing with Bryson
Car and home insurance - what are you covered for?
Show Notes

Insuring our home and cars protect our most valuable assets.   But, for many, do you understand what you are covered for and what the limits are.  

Today, we will better understand what these policies mean for you, and we have no better professional than James Turner, Bryson’s Personal Lines Team Lead to give us more information.  

Responsible for caring for Bryson clients, James has been a RIBO Licensed insurance broker for 12 years.

Discussion points addressed in this podcast:

  • Many people do not review their insurance policies in detail. How important is it to understand what your coverage means?
  • Do most people bundle their car and home insurance policies together – and what are the benefits of bundling?
  • We have seen some tough times for folks in the last year because of the pandemic.  This might see a strain on increased costs for them, especially with insurance.  Are there ways to find costs savings on your policy?
  • Over the last few years, we have heard of flooding and water damage.  Are homeowner policies typically covered for flooding?
  • Auto insurance rates have gone up in recent years.   Are there factors affecting why costs have increased?
  • Some people consider telematics – or programs that track how and how much you drive - an option.   Who could benefit from this type of program?
  • How does a Bryson Insurance broker help in the review of a policy?
  • What’s the best advice for people who may be faced with submitting a claim?  

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Until next time, have a great, and safe, day.