Buzzing with Bryson

Handling Insurance Claims with Shubham Gupta

October 21, 2021 Shubham Gupta Season 1 Episode 7
Buzzing with Bryson
Handling Insurance Claims with Shubham Gupta
Show Notes

Let’s go behind the scenes and get a better understanding of insurance claims and we have no better expert than Shubham Gupta, Claims Specialist with Bryson Insurance. 

Since immigrating to Canada in 2012, Shubham has held various positions as a claims professional, working for a broker, an insurer, and two adjusting firms. He is a published author of a book titled “Understanding the basics of Liability Claims – an adjuster’s perspective."

Today we discuss:

  • Typical questions asked when investigating claims
  • Important aspects of insurance claims
  • How to deal with disagreements
  • How to access a claim of a house that was, say, damaged in a fire?
  • The best advice for someone submitting a claim. 

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