Buzzing with Bryson

Wawanesa - The Benefit of a True Mutual

August 26, 2021 Andrew Goddenm, Manager of Business Development at Wawanesa Insurance Season 1 Episode 3
Buzzing with Bryson
Wawanesa - The Benefit of a True Mutual
Show Notes

In this edition of "Buzzing with Bryson," we invite Andrew Godden, Manager of Business Development at Wawanesa Insurance, to discuss the rich history and bright future of this Canadian Mutual Property and Casualty Insurance Company. 

Andrew Godden has been with Wawanesa for over 15 years, a length of tenure that is not uncommon at Wawanesa, which speaks volumes to the company's character. 

In this episode, we answer:

  • What is a mutual insurance company?
  • What are the benefits of being insured by a mutual?
  • How does Wawanesa see themselves making a difference for customers?
  • What are some of the challenges facing the property & casualty insurance industry today?
  • How important is the broker-insurance company relationship?
  • Where is Wawanesa heading in the future?

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