Buzzing with Bryson

Introducing "Buzzing with Bryson"

August 26, 2021 Kyle Paterson Season 1 Episode 1
Buzzing with Bryson
Introducing "Buzzing with Bryson"
Show Notes

Today we launch “Buzzing with Bryson” – a new podcast that goes behind the scenes to bring to you experts in all aspects of insurance. 

While you might not find this a sexy topic….those who work in insurance know what we do and why it is important to you. 

Kicking off the podcast series is Bryson's Director of Business Development & Culture with Bryson Insurance.

In this episode, we answer:

  • Why a podcast?
  • What can you expect as a listener?
  • Who are we bringing in to speak with?
  • Who is the intended listener to this podcast?

We welcome your comments and questions and if you have a topic you want us to discuss, drop us a line at:

Bryson Insurance is a boutique insurance brokerage serving clients across Ontario and Canada. Bringing a team approach to managing clients, Bryson believes in building a personalized experience with those they serve. Bryson’s caring team of insurance professionals acts as an insurance partner focused on protecting your organization’s ability to deliver on the company vision and brand promise. Experience the Bryson Difference today. Visit to learn more.

Until next time, have a great and safe day.